Green Collar BLOG
August 17, 2018

Why is Air Sealing so Important?


In order to properly air seal your home we need to understand how your home functions as a science. Make sure you learn more about this in Understanding Stack Effect.

Before your energy assessment or right before we start the air sealing and insulation work at your home, we will measure the current air leakage of your home by conducting a Blower Door Test. After properly air sealing your home, installing insulation, and taking any other appropriate measures to tighten your home, we run the Blower Door Test again to measure the improvements we made.

The goal of air sealing is to reduce stack effect in order to cut down on the air changes in your home. In order to do this we us the ABC Rule and first address your (A) Attic, then your (B) Basement, and then your (C) Conditioned Space (Read More about the ABC Rule under the ‘Insulation’ post). In your attic we use an expandable foam spray gun to seal cracks and holes around chimneys, top plates, recessed lights, etc. In your basement we seal your rim joist and any other areas that could potentially let cold air into your home. By taking these steps, you will be able to Conserve Energy. Improve Comfort. Save Money.