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March 18, 2021

Easy Ways to Conserve Energy: Small Changes Can Have a Big Impact

Try these simple ways to conserve energy in your home

We all know that the best way to get rid of an old habit is to replace it with a new one. Simple new habits, like flicking off the lights when you leave a room, may seem like no big deal but they can add up to make a big impact when it comes to saving energy. There are many small ways to conserve energy in your home over time. Most won’t take much effort and will make a real impact on the environment – and probably on those energy bills, too.

It might feel hard to get started. Check out a few examples of truly easy ways to conserve energy around the house. It’s easier than you might think, and each has a perk!

  • Did you know that washing clothes in cold water will get them just as clean as using hot water? And it may help you avoid shrinkage, too (perk!).
  • Following the directions on your laundry detergent will help the washer’s motor function at its best. And you’ll cut down staining from too much soap (perk!).
  • Washing dishes with an electric dishwasher actually uses less energy than hand-washing them. And you’ll save time (perk!).
  • Using the air-dry setting on your dishwasher will save energy. And you’ll keep your kitchen cooler, too (perk!).

Of course, scheduling an important no-cost assessment of your home’s energy needs is an easy way to learn more. At Green Collar, we love helping customers identify ways to conserve energy in their homes! Call us today: 413-409-6816.

Small ways to conserve energy can have big results

It’s true. Making small daily changes in your habits can have a real impact on energy conservation in your home. There are ways to conserve energy in every room of your house. Something as simple as cooking many dishes together when using the oven can help save energy. (And avoid peeking! Each time you open the oven door, heat escapes). When cooking on the stove-top, use the smallest pan and burner for the job.

If you are trying to help the environment and save energy, try some of these ideas to get in the habit.

  • Only run the dishwasher or wash clothing with a full load, and use cold water.
  • Hang your clothes to dry and use mother nature instead of kilowatts.
  • Open curtains on the sunny side to warm and brighten up the room.
  • Don’t run the faucet while you brush your teeth, shave, or wash your hands.
  • Take shorter, cooler showers. You’ll save water and the energy it takes to heat it.
  • Unplug devices like computers and battery chargers when they aren’t in use.

Make your home more energy-efficient

Your appliances make a big difference when it comes to conserving energy. Here are a few simple ways they can help.

  • Make sure appliances are functioning at their best by keeping them free of dust and grit. 
  • Make the switch to energy-conserving appliances where you can. 
  • Try smart devices and timers to put your energy-use on your schedule. 
  • Adjust your thermostat for day and night temperature settings.
  • Change out old light bulbs with incandescent bulbs. 
  • Set your water heater so it won’t go above 120 degrees.

Make sure your home is sealed, weatherized, and insulated to keep temperatures consistent and comfortable inside. In addition to making a few simple changes to your energy-use habits, schedule a no-cost assessment to find out how we can address your unique needs and find ways to conserve energy in your home. Call us at 413-409-6816 and start saving today!

Photo by Clint Patterson on Unsplash