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May 20, 2021

Increased Energy Efficiency Ultimately Leads to Lower Costs!

Even when an upgrade seems expensive upfront, increased energy efficiency ultimately leads to lower costs

Picture this: you just bought a home and the insulation leaves a lot to be desired. Or there are some new appliances, but a cranky old heating system. You know how to conserve energy where you can but you’re already thinking about next winter and imagining those dollar bills flying out through the crack under your brand-new door. It’s time to remember that increased energy efficiency ultimately leads to lower costs.

Getting an all-over house makeover seems daunting and expensive, but take the long view. Go one step at a time. As a homeowner, you’re in it for the long run, and addressing energy efficiency in your home means you’ll end up saving money.

What should I address first to increase energy efficiency and lower costs?

It’s overwhelming. You know that increased energy efficiency ultimately leads to lower costs, but how can you prioritize which system in your home needs to be addressed first? As a homeowner, you have a lot to keep in mind when maintaining and improving your home’s energy efficiency. Do you start in the attic and work down? Address old windows or insulation first? And what are these mini-split heating systems you keep hearing about?

Take a breath and call the energy efficiency experts at Green Collar to help you sort it out. We will help you every step of the way.

Your home and its needs are unique. Remember that increased energy efficiency ultimately leads to lower costs and call Green Collar for a free energy assessment, 413-409-6816 or schedule it online today. 

How can I increase energy efficiency and save money?

Your home is a unique ecosystem, with many things working together to keep you comfortable and meet your needs. Improving the efficiency of the various systems of your home has some upfront costs, but will save you money in the long run. 

It can be daunting to imagine the dollar signs at every turn, but you should know you’re already paying into the Mass Saves program through the energy efficiency charge on your gas and electric bills, and you can recover your money and put it to work for you in your home through their incentives. 

Green Collar works with the Mass Saves program to increase the energy efficiency of your home and ultimately save you money. Incentives through the Mass Saves program include 75% off insulation work, no-cost air sealing and weatherization work, rebates on heating and cooling equipment, and even 0% financing on energy efficiency upgrades. Take advantage of these amazing incentives by scheduling your no-cost assessment with Green Collar today! Call 413-409-6816

Increased energy efficiency ultimately leads to lower costs

You know you need to improve energy efficiency in your home but it can feel overwhelming to know how to get started. Get a big picture assessment from Green Collar and make a plan. By taking advantage of expert advice, great incentives and professional, high-quality work, you will experience firsthand how increased energy efficiency will ultimately lead to lower costs.

If you are in Western Massachusetts, call Green Collar at 413-409-6816 or contact us online today!