Green Collar BLOG
August 17, 2018

Mini-Split Heating and Cooling

Ductless, mini-split systems or “mini-splits” have become increasingly popular over the past decade due to their numerous applications in both residential and commercial buildings. Mini-splits are ideal for heating and cooling open rooms and spaces where ductwork cannot be installed. They are practical to install and are very energy efficient.

Mini-splits are made up of two main components: an indoor air handler and an outdoor condenser. A conduit connects the indoor air handler to the outdoor condenser. Most mini-split models can have up to four air handler units that connect to one outdoor condenser. Mini-split units are small and can be installed as a floor unit, hung from a wall, or suspended from a ceiling.

There are a couple of different reasons why mini-splits are so efficient. The first reason is that each unit has its own thermostat, so spaces are individually zoned and only need to be heated or cooled when occupied. The second reason is that mini-splits, unlike central systems, do not use duct work. Duct work is the main source of energy loss in central systems, especially when located in an unconditioned attic or crawlspace. Compared to alternative central systems and window units, mini-splits are far more energy efficient.