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March 04, 2021

Searching Insulation Companies Near Me? Look No Further Than Green Collar!

Don’t be uncomfortable in your own home! If you’re searching for “insulation companies near me,” Green Collar can help!

Everyone who lives in an older house knows that drafts are common. So common that it can feel like a drafty home is just part of normal life. But drafts are uncomfortable! It’s not just cold when you want to be cozy, but too hot when you want to keep cool. And it doesn’t need to be that way. If you are experiencing drafts and temperature changes throughout your home, you may also be concerned about your home’s energy-efficiency or paying high bills, leading to you searching for “insulation companies near me.”  

In Massachusetts, the summer is hot and the winters are cold, and outside air getting into your home can make it just plain uncomfortable inside. Most houses aren’t very airtight, and air can flow freely through many tiny cracks and crevices. Insulation can help.

If you are tired of living with drafts and hot spots and want to find a local insulation company near you that is up to date with the latest energy efficiency trends and technologies, schedule a no-cost Home Energy Assessment with Green Collar. We can help to identify problem areas throughout your home. Call us today at 413-409-6816

It’s winter in New England. How can insulation help?

Ever wonder where those unwelcome drafts are coming from? Warm and cool air temperatures both indoors and outside have a lot to do with how you experience airflow in your home. Remember what we learned in high school physics? Heat flows naturally from warm areas to cool areas. In the winter, warm air inside is naturally drawn to the great outdoors. Heat can seep out of your home, rising up and out through the upper levels of the house and attic while drawing cooler air in from below.

This is where insulation comes in. Insulation acts like a protective barrier between you and the outdoors, resisting airflow through walls, ceilings and other surfaces of your house and helping to keep your home at the perfect temperature for your comfort. Think of it like a good hug, an awesome forcefield, or a fuzzy blanket around your house. No wonder you’re looking for insulation companies near you.

Insulation in the sticky summer

Additionally, in the summer, warm air from outside can creep into the house through those tiny cracks and crevices and melt your ice cream cone. No thank you! Insulation to the rescue once again! This time think of it in the form of a beach umbrella, sheltering your home from sweltering outside air temperatures (so you can finish your ice cream). 

It’s important to know that insulation is not one-size-fits-all. At Green Collar, we use various insulation materials such as cellulose, fiberglass batts, and polyiso rigid foam board to properly insulate your home. We create a customized solution that’s right for your home, making it (and you) more comfortable for every season. Want to know more about insulation? Call us and ask us to tell you more: 413-409-6816. Or, you can read about our no-cost energy assessments and the types of insulation we use here

If you are searching for insulation companies near me, you want local.

You want to address temperature issues in your home and get help with your energy needs while supporting a local insulation company. You value trust and relationships when making the right choice for your home. At Green Collar, we value long-term relationships with our customers and we offer the highest quality of work combined with unparalleled customer service. It’s part of our mission.

Remember to schedule a no-cost Home Energy Assessment with Green Collar, to identify problem areas throughout your unique home. We welcome your call: 413-409-6816